Geography Of Change

Contemporary Issues in Development,
Geo-spatial Technology in Urban-Regional
Planning and Resource Management
for Sustainable Future

(Date 18, 19 and 20 January , 2024)




An Invitation

The 49th Rajasthan Geographical Association (RGA) National Conference is scheduled to be jointly organised by the Government Girls College & Roopi Devi Girls College, Mandal (Bhilwara), Rajasthan. It will be hosted by by the
th th Department of Geography from 18 to 20 January, 2024. The focal them of the conference is Geography of Change: Contemporary Issues in Development, Geo-spatial Technology in Urban-Regional Planning and Resource Management for Sustainable Future. All the members of geography
fraternity, including RGA life members and researchers from allied disciplines are cordially invited to present their research papers and participate in the discussion and proceeding of three day long academic event.

The Rajasthan Geographical Association

The Rajasthan Geography Association (RGA) is one of the oldest among state level geography associations in India. It was formed in 1965 during the time of first academic conference of Rajasthan Gepographers, it was organised by the Department of Geography, M.L.V. Govt. College, Bhilwara, which later became the permanent headquarter of this association. The association was registered in 1971 under the Rajasthan Societies Act, 1958 and its monogram was designed to symbolise three key words Maru, Meru and Mal, meaning desert, mountain
and plateau, which not only summarises the Geography of Rajasthan but also explains the cultural patterns associated with these three types of natural landscapes in the state. Despite financial constraints, the association holds its annual conference regularly in the various colleges and universities of the state of Rajasthan.

About the Conference

Focal Theme-
The Conference Theme “Geography of Change” proves its significance in the current Geographical Research worldwide as Geography has remained one of the valuable platforms in bringing in the collective understanding of the current economic and social changes. The contemporary global economic restructuring is responsible for bringing in massive transformations. These transformations are responsible for inducing newer forms of spatial organization resulting in the development of complicated social, economic and cultural structures. The conference is aimed at grasping the impact of such transformations on spatial development, people and environmental system. It intends to cover the spectrum
of issues in this respect. Interested researchers are cordially invited to participate and share their valuable inputs through research endeavors.

Geography enlightened a vast area of social science. It consists of earth’s land ocean surface, different land forms and their formation, evolution, sub-surface phenonena, atmosphere and related activities, environment and its attributes. From the inception of Geography as a separate discipline, it evolved through its versatile, comprehensive and holistic nature. Geography has two basic aspects,
Pure and Applied. In recent past distinct paradigm shifts have been taking place in the Geographical study using Geo-spatial Technology, Remote Sensing and Global Positioning system through digital mechanism. The major paradigm shifts in the behavioral geography, systematic geography, regional geography, geo- spatioal sustainability and cartography from paper map to digital map. It is now established that no discipline can survive without adopting a new strategy and technology. It is upon the decision makers to creat the right framework and the pre- conditions for a sustainable development in resources. Globle involvement on the other hand, should also be taken into account. Sustainability reflects our understanding of necessity and responsibility on the question for whom, for what and how production can be guided into the future in a way that is efficient, environmentally sound and sparing on resources at local, regional and international levels. This conference provided an interdisciplinary, quantitative and integrated approach for the well –being of the environment society.


  • Spatial development and regional imbalance
    Geomorphology and Hydro-Geology of Rajasthan
    Spatial development and emerging environmental challenges
    Challenges of preserving the diversities at micro and macro scales
    Recent strategies , global processes and forces, resultant patterns of
    Contemporary developmental issues-changes in land use pattern
    Demography, Society and Culture
    Smart Cities and Green Infrastructures
    Geo-spatial technology in Resource Management and Planning
    Cartography and Mapping Techniques
    Geo-spatial Techniques and Applied Geographical Research
    Innovation in Teaching and Learning in Geography.
    Urbanization: Trends, Impacts and
  • ChallengesApplication of Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS

Call for Research Paper

Participants shoud send an absract within 500 words via email to the  convener wih title of the Abstract in subject of the email to:- [email protected].

Abstract should be maled in MS Word format in Times New Roman font size 12 wih line spacing 1.5 for English and Kruti Dev 10  font size 10 with ine space for Hindi.

Important Dates

Registration Fees

Registration fee is applicable for all participants. The fee includes entry toall session of the conference, conference kit, lunch and high tea.

* Accommodation will not be provided to the local participant
* Participants are requested to become Life member or Annual member of
the RGA. If not a life member, annual fee of Rs. 300/- or life membership of
Rs. 4000/- has to be paid together with membership form.
* Last date of submitting registration fee is January 10, 2024.
* Spot Registration will be available without kit and accommodation.
* Research scholar’s registration is applicable to M. Phil. And Ph.D. Scholars. A
copy of an institutional ID, as a proof of being a bonafide research scholar,
is required to avail the research scholar’s facility.

Registration Form:

To register yourself for the conference, click this link: https://forms.gle/J3ZioR5EjtR8XcXA6


Mode Of Payment

  1. The last date of payment of Early Bird registration is 10th January, 2024. However the scan copy of Demand Draft/ online transfer receipt of early registration fee has send to the official email: [email protected] of the conference. If you face any problem in abstract submission, feel free to send your query and abstract on the mail: [email protected].
  2. Participants are requested to fill up the registration form send the same along with the abstract and the registration fee latest by January 10,2024 using the given link for the registration.
  3. Participants are requested to also fill up the attached registration form (photocopy also applicable) along with the requisite fee either by Bank Demand Draft or NEFT transaction to A/C No. . IFSC Code: . Branch:09751100000239 PSIB0020975 PANJAB AND SIND BANK, MANDAL CHAURAHA, in favour of 49th National Conference RGA Mandal (Bhilwara), payable at Mandal (Bhilwara)
  4. Registration Fee can be paid through RTGS/NEFT/NET BANKING /UPI or Bank Draft.