Annals of Rajasthan Geographical Association

The mouthpiece of the association Annals of Rajasthan Geographical Association has been registered [NSL/ISSN.INF/2009-10 dated 15.9.2009] and assigned Internationsl Standard Serial Number [ISSN 0975-4652] from International Center for ISSN, Paris.

Volume No. XXXVI: 2019 –  Download PDF

Volume No. XXXV: 2018 –  Download PDF

Volume No. XXXIV: 2017 –  Download PDF

    1. Mapping Potential Areas for Groundwater Exploration in a Semi-Arid Block of Haryana using Geo-spatial Technology.
    2. Uncertainty of Livelihood and Survival Strategy in Tehsil Community of Simalwara Tehsil,Dungarpur District.
    3. Dimensional Stone Industry in Rajasthan Challenges and Strategic Measures.
    4. Development Level In Wards Of Pushkar Town Based on Socio-Economic Variables.
    5. Impact of Water Logging and Soil Salinity on the Agronomy in Chambal command Area in Hadoti Region.
    6. Growth Centers of Jaipur District: A Bridge of Rurban Advancement.
    7. A Case Study of Udaipur District.
    8. Percepetion of Drought –A Case Study of Rajasthan Desert.
    9. Quaternary Geology and Neotectonic Activities in And Around Sambhar lake – a Peep into the Planning of Sambhar Salt Source.
    10. Spatial Variations In Educational Amenities of TSP Area of Rajasthan.
    11. Infrastructure Development In Baragaon Block, Varanasi District,Uttar Pradesh.
    12. Literacy Trends And its Urban-Rural Differentials in Rajasthan.
    13. Anthropogenic Influences on Water Bodies,Pullution and Their Management in Varanasi Urban Space,Uttar Pradesh.
    14. कोटा जिले में जल संसाधन गुणवत्ता
    15. श्री गंगानगर जिले में कृषि का आधुनिकीकरण
    16. सिरोही जिले में आधारभूत संरचना का स्वरूप एवं मूल्यांकन

Volume No. XXXIII: 2016 –  Download PDF

    1. Spatio-Temporal Variations in Agricultural Practices of Bilaspur District.
    2. A Comparative Geographical Analysis of Rural-Urban Literacy Levels in Bhilwara District of Rajasthan.
    3. Study Of Rural Central Places For Micro-Regional Planning In Bikaner District.
    4. Urban Landuse Change Detection Using Satellite Data and Spatial Matrix A Case Study of Udaipur City.
    5. Social Attributes of Household Population in Udaipur City.
    6. Regional Agriculture Disparities in Rajasthan : A Geographical Analysis.
    7. Regional Analysis of Teacher –Pupil Ratio and Educational Development: A Case Study of Uttar Pradesh (India).
    8. Expences Of Money Of Urban Houseless Population :A Case Study of Kanpur City.
    9. Phytogeographical Distribution of Sida Alba in Shekhawati Region,Of Rajasthan.
    10. Development Of Wild Life In Arid Regions of India.
    11. Impact of Som Kamla Amba Project on Forest Area of Aspur Tehsil (District Dungarpur)
    12. Tourism Development In Mewar And Desert Circuit of Rajasthan.
    13. हाडौती प्रदेश में बदलता हुआ फसल प्रतिरूप (1991-92 से 2011-12)
    14. अजमेर जिले का जनांकिकीय विकास
    15. बनास नदी बेसिन (राजस्थान) में नगरीकरण एवं नगरीय केन्द्रों की कार्यात्मक संरचना
    16. दौसा जिला राजस्थान में नगरीकरण की प्रवृति

Volume No. XXXII: 2015 –  Download PDF

    1. Electrical Delimitation Of Reserved Constituencies: Some Observations
      Regarding Delimitation Of Schedule Trible Constituencies In North –East Rajasthan.
    2. Fertilizer Consumption And Food Grain Production In Devipatan Division,Uttar Pradesh.
    3. Spatial Analysis Of Human Resourse Development at Tehsil Level In Western Rajasthan.
    4. Gullied and/Or Ravinous Land In Virat Nagar Tehsil,Jaipur District.
    5. Morphogenesis Of the Himalayas: A Case Study of The Himalayan Arc.
    6. Assessment and Inferences of Inter Ward Development In Ajmer City.
    7. Hydrogeomorphological Studies for Exploring Ground Water Potential of Bammel Watershed In Sagar,Madhya Pradesh.
    8. Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Agricultrural Land-Use In Chittaurgarh District,Rajasthan.
    9. Noice Level Around Cement Plants In Chittaurgarh District,Rajasthan.
    10. Social And Occupational Structure Of Population In Lakshadweep Islands.
    11. Impact of Environment on the Settlements of Saharia Tribe in Rajasthan.
    12. Assessment of Hydrogeological Conditions in Nagaur District.
    13. Industrial Development and Environmental Issues in National Capital Region (NCR) of Rajasthan.
    14. Feminine Status In Tribal Sub Plan Area Of Rajasthan.
    15. Environmental Impacts of Stone Mining and Planning for Sustainable
      Development in Jhalawar District ,Rajasthan.
    16. Tourism in Rajasthan :A Development Scenario.
    17. Spatial Patterns of Sex Ratio in Rajasthan :2011
    18. Waste Land Scenario of Nagaur District, Rajasthan
    19. आधुनिक कृषि आदानों के उपयोग का गेहूW की उत्पादकता पर प्रभाव ग्राम धामस्या, तहसील जमवारामगढ़ ,जयपुर का अध्ययन

Volume No. XXXI: 2014 –  Download PDF

    1. Human Development Status of A Marginalised Tribal Group in an industrialized State of India: A Case of Gujrat.
    2. Human Resourse Management for Sustainable Development Of Marginal Areas: (A Case Study Of Western Nayar Basin in Himalayan region).
    3. Geo-environmental Determinants of cancer in Haryana.
    4. Challenges of Working Women in the Slums of Aligarh City.
    5. Poverty Alleviation and Tourism Development in Sikkim.
    6. An Investigation on the Growth Performance of Tourism Expansion in
      India: An Overview.
    7. Impact of Sinking Water Table on Cropping Pattern in Panipat District.
    8. Land use/Land Cover Pattern of IGNP canal Irrigated Area in Bikaner District (Raj.) Using Geo-Spatial Techniques.
    9. Urban Land use Pattern and Change detection in Gurgaon City (Haryana) Using Geo-informatics.
    10. Comparative Analysis of Literacy and sex Ratio in Rajasthan.
    11. Trends in Literacy Rates in Jaipur District ,Rajasthan.
    12. Waste picking: The Occupation and its Health Risks –A Case Study of Aligarh City.
    13. Trends of Road Accidents in Bhilwara City.
    14. An Ethnographic Study of Houseless Population in Kanpur City.
    15. दक्षिणी राजस्थान के कांठल प्रदेश ;प्रतापग-सजय़ उपखण्डद्ध में शैक्षिक विकास की दशा एवं दिशा ;1981-ंउचय2001द्ध मणिमाला शर्मा.
    16. भीलवाड़ा जिले में समन्वित बाल विकास सेवा कार्यक्रम का भौगोलिक विश्लेषण (2001-2007)
    17. कृषि भूमि उपयोग में परिवर्तन : हाडौती प्रदेश का विशिष्ट अध्ययन
    18. भौगोलिक पर्यावरण का सांस्कृतिक आवास –जेन धर्म

Volume No. XXX: 2013 –  Download PDF

    1. Globalization, Capitalist Development and Geography
      (The threats under Global Finance capital)
      Indoor Air Pollution : a Major Environmental and Health Challenge for
      Ajmer Sharif: Geographical Analysis of pilgrims and the Process of
      Delineation of Drainage Network of the Sutlej River Basin from ASTER
      Digital Elevation Model
      Characteristics of School Dropout: A case Study of Rajasthan
      Physical Environment and Growth of Urban Centres in Western
      Spatial Dimensions of Literacy In Rajasthan:2011
      Biogas: An Approach towards Resource Management
      ( A case Study of Rajasthan)
      Electoral Trends and Patterns in Reserved Parliamentary Constituencies
      in India: A Comparative Analysis of Recent Three Elections
      Rural Dwelling in Bangar and Aravalli Regions of rajasthan
      Book Review

Volume No. XXVII : 2012 –  Download PDF

    1. Gis based Spatial Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Dudu Block, Rajasthan
      Seema Jalan & Shelza Shekhawat
    2. Quality of Drinking Water Supply in Urban Area of Western Rajasthan (A Geo-analytical Study of Jodhpur District)
      Mahesh Kumar Gaur, Trapti Sharma & Archna Sharma
    3. Rural Urban Differences in Nutritional Status Population in Haryana
      Manju Sharma & M.S. Jaglan
    4. Sex Ratio Imbalances in Maharashtra Krishna Chand Ramotra & Rajendra B. Bansode
    5. Indigenous Community and is Characteristics in Rajasthan: A Case study of Scheduled Tribes
      Vinod Kumar & Ajit Kumar.
    6. Educational Status (Attainment of MDG-3)-Levels and Gender Differentials in Rural Literacy : A Case study of Semi-arid Region, Rajasthan
      Navneet Dhawan
    7. Solid Waste Management Initiatives and Public Health: Exploring the Issues in Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India Jagdev Chand Sharma & Sanghmitra S. Acharya
    8. Floriculture in Peri-Urban Area of Aligarh City: A study
      in Marketing Geography
      Nizamuddin Khan, Mohad. Sadiq Salman & Anisur Rehmam
    9. Road Transport Network Development & Anisur
      Rehmam Growth of Urban Centres in Rohtak Division, Haryana (1901-2001)
      Sucheta Rani & Sudhir K. Bansal
    10. Genetic Environment and Agricultural Development
      in Dehradun District
      Abdul Munir & Kazma Khan
    11. Climate Change and its Implications for Agricultural
      Growth in Rajasthan.
      Farida Shah & Roopam Chordia
    12. Development of Wildlife in Arid Regions of India.
      Ved Prakash meena & Kusum Lata Meena
    13. Phytogoographical Distribution of Prosopis Cineraria
      in Churu District , Rajasthan
    14. Bio-diversity Status of India & Rajasthan : Challenges
      and Conservation Strategies.
      B.L. Jagetiya & A. Soni
    15. दक्षिणी राजस्थान के कांठल प्रदेश ;प्रतापग-सजय़ उपखण्डद्ध में शैक्षिक विकास की दशा एवं दिशा ;1981-ंउचय2001द्ध मणिमाला शर्मा.
    16. प्राचीन भारतीय वाड्मय में पर्यावरणीय चेतना जैनेन्द्रकुमार गुप्ता, शैलेन्द्र शर्मा एवं मनीष अग्रवाल
    17. सजयंू-सजयाड़ प्रदेश का पर्यटन भौगोलिक अध्ययन
      उषा जैन, सी.वी. -सजय़ाबरिया एवं पंकज ओसवाल
    18. आरक्षित निर्वाचन क्षेत्रों में भाजपा एवं कांग्रेस दल की मत प्रतिशत उपलब्धिः राजस्थान विधानसभा चुनाव-ंउचय1993,1998,2003 तथा 2008 राजकुमार चतुर्वेदी, प्रज्ञा सास्वत एवं दुर्गालाल रेगर

Volume No. XXVIII:2011 –  Download PDF

    1. The Symbolism of Dargah Hazrat nizamuddin Auliya.
    2. Eco feminism: The Feminist Perspective to Environmentalism.
    3. Urban Processes in a Peripheral Capitalist Economy.
    4. An Assessment of Urban Sustainability-As the Core of Sustainable
    5. Water logging Problems in Aligarh City.
    6. Spatial Distribution of Tourism Opportunities in Chhottisgarh,
    7. Neotectonics and Evolution of Ravines in Peripheral Bulge Region
      of Peninsular India.
    8. Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Climate Change Adaptation
      Strategies: A Study with Special Reference to North-Western India.
    9. पर्यावरण मैत्री का धर्म
    10. जल तत्व विषयक वैदिक विमर्श
    11. “शाहपुरा उपखंड जिला भीलवाड़ा में महिला
      शैक्षिक परिट्टश्य 2001 एक भौगोलिक अध्ययन”

Volume No. XXVII : 2010 –  Download PDF

    1. Methodology for Quality Assessment of Multiresolution Image Fusion Results.
    2. Land Utilization Pattern in Watershed 2”D2A3 (Morel Sub- catchment) of East Rajasthan : A Data Comparison.
    3. Economic Development and Regional Disparities A Case Study of Southem Rajasthan.
    4. Southwestern Haryana : The Shadow Zone of Green Revolution.
    5. Determinants of Wasteland in Viratnagar Tehsil.
    6. Changes inErosion Patternin Erau Catchment of Mahi Reservoir: Analysis Through Remote Sensing And Gis Techniques.
    7. State of Slums in Ajmer City.
    8. Spatial Pattern of Agricultural Development in Bundi District (Rajasthan).
    9. Socio-Economic Development in Chittaurgarh District of Rajasthan.
    10. Carrying capacity of Land : Population and Food Balance in Ajay – Mayurakshi Interfluve Region of Birbhum District, West Bengal.
    11. The Distribution of Calligonum Polygonoides in Churu District, Rajasthan A Phyto-Geographical Appraisal
    12. Urban Transportation and Traffic Noise Pollution in Jaipur City.
    13. Biodiversity Conservation in Rajasthan (India)
    14. Problem of Solid Waste Management in Jaipur City.
    15. Economic and Cultural Development by Tourism in Pushkar A Pilgrimage Centre (Rajasthan): Challenges and Opportunities.
    16. Problems of Hazardous Industrial Waste in Rajasthan.
    17. Household Level Water and Sanitation Management A Caste Study of Bakhtawarpura Village (Jhunjhunu).
    18. Trends of Tourist’s Arrival in Haryana
    19. Urbanization in Rajasthan 1901-2001 : A Demographic Reappraisal
    20. Impact of Marbles Slurry on Underground Water : A Geostatistical Analysis Using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System.
    21. Identification of Rural Tourism Site : Using GIS and Fuzzy Logic A Case Study of Environs of Nathdwara.
    22. Uttarayan and Dakshinayan of the Sun North and Soulthward movement of the Sun.
    23. Identification of Landform Units of the Banas Basin, Rajasthan.
    24. अलवर जिले में कृषि का परिवर्तित स्वरूप
    25. झुंझनू जिले में पर्यटन विकास की क्षमताओं सम्भावनाओं एवं समस्याओं का एक भौगोलिक अध्ययन।
    26. माही बजाज सागर परियोजना बांसवाड़ा के सिंचित क्षेत्र में सेवा केन्द्रों का निर्धारण एवम् पदानुक्रमीय व्यवस्था
    27. संकटों से घिरी सरिस्का बाघ परियोजना
    28. कृषि विकास में प्रादेशिक विषमताऐं बून्दी जिले का एक अध्ययन
    29. राजस्थान में भूमि उपयोग का भौगोलिक विश्लेषण

Volume No. XXVI : 2009 – Download PDF

    1. Role of Warana Co-operative Complex in Rmployment Generation in Central Warana Basin of Southern Maharashtra
    2. Social Factors and Women Health : A Geographical Analysis
    3. Regional Resource Base of Jammu and Its Tourism Potential : A Study of Tourists’ Perception
    4. Globalization and Nature Tourism : Problems and Prospects.
    5. A Spatial Analysis of Quality of Water in Berach River Basin
    6. Land Degradation in the Rawater Command Area of L.G.N.P. (Stage – I) : An Environmental Impact Assessment
    7. The Concept of Qualiuty of Life in Geography
    8. Climate Change, Helath and Role of GIS
    9. Urban Sprawl of Jaipur Metropolitan
    10. Road Accessibility and its Role in Rural Development
    11. Rural Literacy Transitation in Semi-Arid Region of Rajasthan : An Appraisal
    12. Indo-Nepal Open International Border : Cross Border Migration and Challenges
    13. Geohydrology of Urban Ecosystem of Bhilwara : Problems and Prospects
    14. Soocio-Economic and Functional Structure of Bundi City
    15. Water Management in Arid Ecosystem of IGNP : AnSssessment of Khetawali Distributary.
    16. Disparities in the Distribution of Population among Urban Centres of Kota Division
    17. Population Growth in Tonk District (A Geographical Analysis)
    18. अजमेर शहर में सड़क परिवहन एवं प्रदूषण

Volume XXV : 2008 – Download PDF

    1. Richard Hartshorne’s Contribution to the Field of Urban Geography
    2. Spatial Distribution of Waste Disposal in Bikaner City
    3. Impact of Marble Mining on Forest (A Case Study of Rajsamand Tehsil)
    4. Spatial Distribution Patterns or Literacy in Tribal Areas (A Case Study of Kishaganj and Shahbad Tehsils of Baran District in Rajasthan)
    5. Sustainable Water Management of Churu District : Issues and Prospects
    6. Impact of Marble Mining on Water Resources (A Case Study of Rajsamand Tehsil Region)
    7. Study of Urban Sprawl of Bikaner City
    8. Fluoride and Human Health : A Case Study of Chaksu Tehsil (Jaipur District – Rajasthan)
    9. Status of Gender Disparity in Literacy of Banswara and Dungarpur Districts of southern Rajasthan (1981-2007).
    10. Changing Scenario of an Emerging Educational City : Kota
    11. Sustenance of Livestock in Rajasthan : An Assessment
    12. Land Acquisition for SEZ in Jaipur : Socio-Economic Implications
    13. Traffic Caused Air Pollution in Jaipur City
    14. उदयपुर एवं बांसवाड़ा नगरों की भूमि उपयोग प्रतिरूपों में परिवर्तन

Volume XXIV : 2007 – Download PDF

    1. Integrating Geospatical Technologies with Conventional Methods for Estimating Depth of Hydrological Barrier in an Irrigated Arid Lanscape.
    2. Satellite Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Technology- Tools for Farmer’s Benefit.
    3. Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary – Socio Ecological Problems – A Geographical Analysis.
    4. Adverse Impact of Marble Mining on Enviornment – A Case Study of Rajsamand Region.
    5. Changes in the Land – use and Cropping Pattern of Raisinghnagar tehsil of Ganganagar District – An Ecological Assessment. Patterns of Urbanisation in Western Rajasthan.
    6. Air Pollution in the Holy City of Amritsar
    7. An Assessment of Heavy Rains Wreak Havoc in Thar Desert –challenges of New Era : A Case Study of Barmer and Jaisalmer Districts.
    8. राष्ट्रीय कृषि बीमा योजना – बून्दी जिले का अध्ययन
    9. कोटा शहर में जनसंख्या वृद्धि एवं नगरीकरण के विभिन्न आयाम (एक भौगोलिक विश्लेषण)

Volume No. XXIII : 2006

    1. Distribution of Land Affected by Alkalinity using Remote Sensing and Action Plan for Reclamation in Mahlan and its Surrounding Villages in Dudu Tehsil (Jaipur District).
    2. Desertification Studies Using Remote Sensing and Ground Based Observations East of Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan : Some Observations.
    3. Tsunami – Natural Hazards : An analysis and for casting through remote sensing techniques
    4. Ranthambhore National Park : An Appraisal of Biotic Resources
    5. Environmental impact on rural settlement : A case study of Shekhawati region
    6. Environmental impact of Kotastone Mining (A Case Study of Ramganjmandi Tehsil, District Kota (Raj.))
    7. Assess of the level of Development Through Watershed Programme.
    8. Bar Chart technique for planning and management
    9. Industrial development : A Geographical Analysis of Jhunjhunu District
    10. Status of Noise Pollution Jaipur City
    11. Voting Preference in Lok Sabha vis-à-vis Assembly Electrons : A Case Study of Bhartiya Janta Party in North East Rajasthan (1991-1993 & 1998-1998)
    12. Sustainability of Tank Irrigation in Andhra Pradesh
    13. Book Review : “Indian geography : Voice of Concern”

Volume No. XII-XXII : 2004-2005

    1. Resources and Socio – Economic Development in Haryana
    2. The Quantitative Revolution in Geography : Relevance and Reactions
    3. The Use of Remotely Sensed Data for the Study or Geomorphic Change in Kachchh Region due to Bhuj Earthquake 2001
    4. The Location Quotient of Cement Plants in Rajasthan
    5. Tourism & Eco Environmental Degradation in Pushkar
    6. Slop[e Suitability and Agriculture (A case study of Gangapur Tehsil in Sawai Madhopur) District – Rajasthan.
    7. Changing Pattern of Agricultural Marketing and Social Structure in Rajasthan State.
    8. Problems and Prospects of Fisheries in Rajasthan
    9. Public Participation in Irrigation Water Management in Rajasthan.
    10. फसल योजना: पंचायत समिति कुशलगढ़, जिला बांसवाड़ा का एक विशिष्ट अध्ययन

Volume No. XIX-XX : 2002-2003

    1. Geomorphology and Landuse Planning of Ajmer District
    2. Sustainable Landuse Development Through Remote Sensing Techniques
    3. Morphology of Ravines of the Banas Basin, Rajasthan, India.
    4. A Comparative Spatial Structure Analysis of Industrial Areas – Amjer District
    5. Industrial Resource Management in Rajasthan : A Geographical Analysis
    6. Spatio – Functional Planning : A case study of Beawer Teshil.
    7. Nature of Tribal Habitation and Interaction with Service Centres
    8. Women Participation in Dairying : A Case Study of Rajasthan
    9. Geo-Environmental Problems of an industrial city : A Case Study of Bhilwara.

Volume No. XVII-XVIII : 2000-01

    1. Behavioural Geography : Evolution & Evaluation
    2. Richard Hartshorne : A Bibliography
    3. GIS Database Management System : An Application of GIS
    4. Modification in IGU Agricultural Typological Methodology & Techniques
    5. Analysis of Energetic of Rice Production
    6. Analysis of Spatial Disparities in Education & Health
    7. Determinants of Rural Migration : A Case Study
    8. Growth, Development & Prospects of Dairying : A case Study of WRMUL
    9. Locational Cost – Analysis of Handicrafts in Rajasthan.
    10. Religious Sites as Tourism Attraction in Rajasthan

Volume XV & XVI

    1. The Idea of South (DAKSINA) in Ancient India
    2. Sites of Cultural Contestation in Yadav’s Novels
    3. Geography in Cricket and Cricket in Geography
    4. Prospecting and Development of Water Resources in an Arid Environment of Rajasthan
    5. Status of Forest and Change in Biomass in and Around Ranthambhore National Park, Rajasthan
    6. Disparities in the Levels of Development in Bihar 1961-91
    7. Nutritional and Health Care – Facilities in Rural Areas : A Micro Level Study of Their Availability and Utilization
    8. Women and Panchayats in Alwar District of Rajasthan
    9. Book Review

Volume No. XIII : 1995-1996

    1. Determinants of Age at Marriage in Rajasthan, 1991 (A District-wise Analysis) [K.C. Lakhara and R.B. Upadhyay]
    2. Performance Evaluation of Regulated Agricultural Markets in North –Western Rajasthan [R.C. Srivastava]
    3. Deforestation in Great Aravalli Mountain Region of India [Narpat Singh Rathore]
    4. Strategy for the Development of Education Facilities in Rohtak District (Haryana) [S. HasanAnsari and Rajender]
    5. Population Growth and Land Use Changes in Japur City : 1971-1991 [Kashmir bhatt]
    6. Richard Hartshorne’s Contribution to the Geography of Manufacturing [Mumtaz Khan]
    7. Biotic Resources of Jaipur District [Mahipal Singh Sihag & Savita Sihag]
    8. Impact of New Links on Accessibility : A Case Study of Southern Rajasthan [I.M. Kayamkhani]
    9. Marketing at Religious Places : A Geographical Note [H.M. Saxena]
    10. भीलवाड़ा जिले में महिला शैक्षिक विाकस के स्तर: एक भौगोलिक विश्लेषण (1991-1996) [सावन कुमार जांगिड़]
    11. लूनी बेसिन में विविध स्तरीय जलग्रहण क्षेत्रों का भौगोलिक अध्ययन [एल.सी. खत्री एवं नरेन्द्र कुमार साद]
    12. भीलवाड़ा जिले में पर्यटन विकास की संभावनायें [रतनलाल जोशी]

Volume No. XI : 1991-1993

    1. Commodity Specialization in the Regulated Markets on North – Western Rajasthan [R.C. Srivastava]
    2. Energetic of Food Production System in the Upper Ganga – Yamuna Doab : A Geographical Analysis [Abdul Qadir, Masood Ahsan Siddiqui and Mohd. Firoz Khan]
    3. Desert National Part : A Unique Biosphere Reserve for Conservation and Development of Biodiversity in India [Ved Prakash Meena]
    4. Urban Landscape : Ussues in Environmental Crisis [S.K. Acharya & Sanghmitra Acharya]
    5. Tribal Habitat and Economy : An Historical Overview [N.R. Dash]
    6. Desert Rural Settlements – A Statistical Analysis (A Case Study of Churu District) [M.M. Sheikh]
    7. Regional Patterns of Surplus / Deficit of Foodgrains in India (1951-1991) [Upasna Brar & Dhian Kaur]
    8. Changing Pattern of Crop Diversification in West Bangal (1977-78 to 1988-89) [M.Z.A. Khan]
    9. राजस्थान के विधानसभा चुनाव में भाजपा की उपलब्धि: विजय का भौगोलिक विश्लेषण – (1980 से 1998) [राजमल शर्मा]
    10. अरनोद पंचायत समिति (जिला – चित्तौड़गढ़) में पंचायत चुनाव परिणामों का निवौचन भौगोलिक विश्लेषण [सुमन बड़ोला]
    11. जनजातीय क्षेत्र में पंचायत चुनाव परिणामों का भौगोलिक विश्लेषण (1977-82-87): बागीदोरा पंचायत समिति का विशिष्ट अध्ययन [संतोष आनन्द]
    12. भीलवाड़ा जिले की शिक्षा के वितरण, विकास एवं पदानुक्रम में क्षेत्रीय सम्बन्ध: एक भौगोलिक विश्लेषण [मंजु खाण्डिया]
    13. माण्डलगढ़ तहसील (जिला भीलवाड़ा) में शैक्षिक विकास दर: एक भौगोलिक विवेचन (1971-1991) [काश्मीर भट्ट]